Get to Know Our Faculty that Teaches Online

Don’t just take our words. Our University has been recognized globally, as one of the world’s top universities and have been acknowledged by leading institutions and organizations. Mount William University enjoys a prominent and strong position in many major rankings list, nationally and internationally.

Awards and high rankings for academic rigor, innovation and online education are among some of the University’s touchstones of excellence. Mount William University has been consistently receiving recognition for its outstanding academic offerings and career support.

Dr. Howard Rodgers

Senior Professor
PhD in Business Management
Faculty Member at School of Business Management

Dr. Howard Rogers has a doctorate degree in Business Management. He is a full-time college professor and has been teaching management courses for a decade now. He believes he can deliver all that he has learned over the years to his students so they can be best prepared to move further in their professional lives.

Dr. Gregg Iverson

Assistant Professor
PhD in Chemical Engineering
Faculty Member at School of Engineering

Dr. Brian ray, our faculty member at school of engineering at our university. He has a doctorate degree in the field of chemical engineering and has been a part of our faculty for over a decade. He realizes the importance of an online education and the true impact it can make in the students’ lives.

Melinda Bass

Assistant Professor
Master in Education
Faculty Member at School of Education

Melinda Bass, a Master’s degree holder with decade of teaching experience has been a part of Mount William University for many years. She has played a role of revamping and creating interactive and impactful course material for school of education.

Gary Morris

Assistant Professor
M.Sc. in Computer Science
Faculty Member at School of Computer Science

Gary Morris has been teaching at the college and graduate level and he has over 15 years of business and professional experience working with renowned corporations for several years. He hopes he will inspire all of his students to work for themselves whether it be running their own companies or non–profits, or even someday teaching others.


Faculty at the Mount William University is extremely diverse. We have carefully gathered a team of teachers and educators from all around the world to provide our students with the best educational opportunities. Our faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. We have faculty members from different countries of the world 110 to be exact. Our diverse faculty represents our mission of providing equal educational and career opportunities to students and professionals from all around the world, without any discrimination.


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